pre-painted ww2 figures

Our WW2 1:72 scale painted figures are commericlally produced plastics and metals that have been converted by Bruce and painted. He uses Italeri, Preiser, Pegasus and other qulity figuires for these conversions. These figures are ideal for ready-made wargame units for Rapid Fire and other rule-sets.


Eventually we intend to have our own sculpts and castings in this range, but for now the figures are commerically availble plastic ones. Bruce tries to use hard plastic figures where available and all figures are mounted on cents or pennies, with crew wepaons mounted on steel bases.


The figures are expertly painted and coated with a Plasti-coat sealer to help avoid paint loss.


Bruce also produced 1:72 scale vehiles using commericlaly availble premade models and kits. These are repainted, decaled and weathered to produce a really attractive model, complete with passengers or crew.


By combining the figures and vehicles whole forces can be made to order. Imagine a beautifully turned our Panzer Grenadier Battalion complete with transport. Well imagine no more - we can make it a reallity just like the unit pictured below.


For the time poor gamer this is your chance to get that force you always planned but never got round to painting.

foam tray for transporting figures

Once the figures are painted, based and recieve their protective coat they are matte varnished. Mounted on cents or pennies with support wepons on 40mm diameter steel bases, the figures are shipped in a purpose made faom tray as pictured. This can be used by the gamer to store the figures and protects them in transit.

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